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Section: Software


The complexity of P2P platforms is important. An end-user cannot manage manually such complexity. YML is a software package which allows to make use of the large scale platforms such as computing grids and Peer-to-Peer systems. It offers a set of integrated tools to describe and execute applications for that type of architectures.

YML is based on a language specially created for this project and which clearly separates computations from communications. This language is defined to make possible to program the applications independently of the middlewares used. Each grid or Peer-to-Peer middleware actually rests on its own communication, interraction and remote execution mechanisms. YML currently supports two middlewares: the Xtremweb P2P platform, and the OmniRPC framework.

YML defines a model of components in order to reach the goal of independence of the underlying middleware or middlewares. Those components are organized in two levels of catalogues. The first catalogue lists the pieces of information which are independent of the middlewares and the second family of catalogues contains information specific to a given middleware. The two catalogues are respectively known as development and execution catalogues.

YML is mainly based on two programms. First of them is a compiler for the dedicated programming language and the other one is a real time scheduler. The former deals with the development step and does not depend on the underlying middleware whereas the latter exclusively handles the execution step. These two programmes are managed by a programme in charge of dealing with the client connections named the manager.

To illustrate our approach, we did first experimentations for basic linear algebra routines on an XtremWeb P2P platform with a small number of peers. We did performance evaluations and discussed on the necessity to introduce a new accurate performance model for this new computing paradigm.

YML project was launched at the ASCI CNRS lab in 2001 and is developed now in collaboration with the University of Versailles. YML is under integration into SPIN to propose a GUI ASP. It has been successfully demonstrated at SC'05 Seattle at the INRIA booth.


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