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Section: Software


XtremWeb is an open source middleware, generalizing global computing plarforms for a multi-user and multi-parallel programming context. XtremWeb relies on the notion of services to deploy a Desktop Grid based on a 3 tiers architecture. This architecture gathers tree main services: Clients, Coordinators and Workers. Clients submit requests to the coordinator which uses the worker resources to execute the corresponding tasks. Currently tasks concern computation but we are also considering the integration of storage and communication capabilities. Coordinator sub-services provide resource discovery, service construction, service instantiation and data repository for parameters and results. A major concern is fault tolerance. XtremWeb relies on passive replication and message logging to tolerate Clients mobility, Coordinator transient and definitive crashes and Worker volatility.

The Client service provides a Java API which unifies the interactions between the applications and the Coordinator. Three client applications are available: the Java API that can be used in any Java applications, a command line (shell like) interface and a web interface allowing users to easily submit requests, consult status of their tasks and retrieve results. A second major issue is the security. The origins of the treats are the applications, the infrastructure, the data (parameters and results) and the participating nodes. Currently XtremWeb provides user authentication, application sandboxing and communication encryption. We have developed deployment tools for harnessing individual PCs, PCs in University or Industry laboratories and PCs in clusters. XtremWeb provides a RPC interface for bag of tasks, parameter sweep, master worker and workflow applications. Associated with MPICH-V, XtremWeb allows the execution of unchanged MPI applications on Desktop Grids.

XtremWeb has been tested extensively harnessing a thousand of Workers and computing a million of tasks. XtremWeb is deployed in several sites: University of Lille, University of Geneva, University of Tsukuba, University of Paris Sud, University of California San Diego. In this last site, XtremWeb is the Grid engine of the Paris Sud University Desktop Grid gathering about 500 PCs. Two multi-parametric applications are to be used in production since the beginning of 2004: Aires belonging to the HEP Auger project and a protein conformation predictor using a molecular dynamic simulator.

The software, papers and presentations are available at .


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