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Section: New Results

Procedural methods for geometry and motion

Participant : Marie-Paule Cani.

Procedural skinning for character animation

Participant : Marie-Paule Cani.

Adding details to an animation while avoiding the heavy cost of a full physically-based simulation can be done through a procedural approach. In 2004, we proposed a method of that kind for generating skin and cloth wrinkles on top of a standard character animation. These wrinkles are now combined with a simple dynamic layer that generates the vibrations for the flesh in real timeĀ  [26] : The dynamic effects are added through a double skinning operation, that blens the current flesh volume computed through standard smooth skinning with its position in a /dynamic frame/ attached to the skeleton via a visco-elasstic element. A set of weights, that can be automatically computed, taking into account the morphology of the limb, controls the local behavior of tissues. The resulting real-time technique is well suited to video games or any application where we need to add dynamic effects, at almost no cost, to an existing animation sequence (see FigureĀ  12 ).

Figure 12. Dynamic skinning: enhancing an existing real-time animation with dynamic vibrations of the flesh.


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