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Section: New Results

Textural methods

Participants : Sylvain Lefebvre, Fabrice Neyret.

Textures sprites

Participants : Sylvain Lefebvre, Fabrice Neyret.

We developed a parameterization-free texture representation capable of defining high resolution details on surfaces without distortion (see figure  6 ). It draws on octree-textures (surface colour data is stored in a volumetric octree) and sprites (small repeated images relying on a set of reference patterns): our representation stores the location and orientation of the pattern instances in the octree.

Figure 6. Six ways to texture a rabbit.

Our goal is to make the model GPU-compliant, which means that the data structures lie on the graphics board: It must be dynamically updatable from the CPU by an application (e.g. a painting tool). At run time, our algorithm implemented as a dedicated fragment shader must be able to recover the texture colour for any given pixel.

This work has been published at I3D'05 [27] . A detailed partial version has been published as a chapter in the book GPU-Gems II  [14] . Sylvain Lefebvre has defended his PhD  [5] in April, 2005.

Stencil shadows

Participant : Sylvain Lefebvre.

We collaborated with ARTIS on the developpement of a new method  [25] for the rendering of hard shadows cast by a point light source. It takes advantage of triangle strips and fast culling capabilities of graphics hardware not available to conventional robust methods like Z-fail (see figure 7 ).

Figure 7. Our method applied to a complex shape.


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