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The EVASION team, GRAVIR-IMAG laboratory (UMR 5527), is a joint project between CNRS, INRIA, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) and University Joseph Fourier (UJF).

Section: Members

Head of the project

Marie-Paule Cani [ Professor, INPG ]

Staff member

Anne Pierson [ Administrative Assistant, INPG ]

Technical staff

Philippe Decaudin [ Engineer, Project RIAM VERTIGO ]
Christine Depraz [ Graphics Designer, Project RIAM Virtual Actors ]

Research scientist

Fabrice Neyret [ Research scientist, CNRS CR1 ]
Lionel Reveret [ Research Scientist, INRIA CR1 ]

Faculty member

Georges-Pierre Bonneau [ Professor, UJF ]
François Faure [ Assistant Professor, UJF ]
Franck Hétroy [ Assistant Professor, INPG ]

Post-doctoral fellow

Thanh Giang [ Project RIAM Virtual Actors, INPG ]

PhD. student

Florence Bertails [ MENRT, INPG, EVASION ]
Christian Boucheny [ CIFRE EDF, INPG, EVASION ]
Antoine Bouthors [ MENRT, UJF, EVASION ]
Mathieu Coquerelle [ MENRT, INPG, EVASION ]
Guillaume Dewaele [ MENRT, INPG, MOVI/EVASION ]
Julien Diener [ MENRT, UJF, EVASION ]
Laurent Favreau [ MENRT, INPG, EVASION ]
Sylvain Lefebvre [ MENRT, UJF, EVASION ]
Matthieu Nesme [ MENRT, UJF, EVASION ]
Laks Raghupathi [ Project RIAM Virtual Actors, INPG, EVASION ]
Basile Sauvage [ MENRT, INPG, LMC/EVASION ]
Fabien Vivodtzev [ Grant from CEA, UJF, CEA-CESTA/EVASION ]
Jamie Wither [ Visitor, INPG, EVASION ]
Qizhi Yu [ Visitor, INPG, EVASION ]

External collaborators

Alexis Angelidis [ PhD. student, University of Otago (New Zealand) ]
Olivier Palombi [ PhD. student, Anatomy Laboratory, Medicine Falculty of Grenoble ]


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