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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The CONGE project is a joint team with INRIA and Metz University through the LMAM (Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications de Metz) which is recognized by the CNRS (UMR 7122).

The research topics are in the framework of the nonlinear systems theory. More specifically, the team deals with the study of the stabilization and the theory of observers and observability. Moreover, modeling and simulation are parts of the issues of the team.

Stabilizing a system about an equilibrium point consists in finding a static or dynamic feedback which makes the equilibrium asymptotically stable. Several tools are used to achieve this task: backstepping, feedforwarding, positive semi-definite functions...

An observer is an additional dynamical system which aims at providing a state estimation. The observer makes use of the known variables of the system, i.e. the inputs and the outputs. The design of observers is a well mastered technique in the case of linear systems but is a more delicate task for nonlinear systems.


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