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Section: Application Domains


Participants : Philippe Adda, Abderrahman Iggidr, Gauthier Sallet, Jean-Luc Dimi.

Epidemiology is a new research topic in our team. Emergent diseases led to a renewed interest for the study of the infectious diseases, so that the mathematical models become significant tools in the analysis of the propagation and the control of infectious pathologies. The understanding of the characteristics of the transmission of an infectious disease in a community or a country can lead to better approaches to decrease the transmission of this disease. The mathematical models can be used to compare, plan, set up, evaluate and optimize various programs of detection, prevention, therapy and control of a disease. We hope to obtain some significant results concerning the intra-host models for paludism and tuberculosis, and more particularly the understanding of the feedbacks implying two classes of auxiliary lymphocites Th1 and Th2 .


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