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Section: Application Domains

Switched reluctance motor

Participants : Gabriel Abba, Ismaïl Gourragui, François Léonard, Jean-Claude Vivalda.

High-speed Machining experienced a considerable development these last years. Under the impulse of a keen demand of the aircraft industry, high-speed machining centers have been developed to manufacture parts of high degree of accuracy out of aluminium, titanium, and their alloys. This technology makes it possible to machine very hard materials (glass, ceramics). Moreover, specific cutting conditions lead to obtain a better surface quality at lower cost. The mechanical engineering industry then largely attempted to develop the high-speed machining for the manufacture of more conventional parts. In collaboration with the LGIPM (Laboratoire de Génie Industriel et Production Mécanique), a thesis on the subject of the modeling and the automatic control of switched reluctance motor is in preparation. As far as we are concerned with this question, there are several problems of interest:


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