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CONGE is a joint team with the LMAM (Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications de Metz) which is a laboratory recognized by the CNRS (UMR 7122).

Section: Members

Head of project-team

Jean-Claude Vivalda [ Research manager (DR) Inria ]

Administrative assistant

Christel Wiemert [ Secretary (AI) ]

Staff member INRIA

Abderrahman Iggidr [ Research officer (CR) Inria ]

Staff member Metz University

Philippe Adda [ Assistant professor ]
Rachid Chabour [ Assistant professor ]
Gauthier Sallet [ Professor ]

Staff member Nancy University

Edouard Richard [ Assistant d professor ]

Visiting scientist

Boris Kalitine [ Minsk University – Bielorussia (1 month) ]

PhD students

Fehd Ben Aïcha [ Thèse CIFRE Renault ]
Jean-Luc Dimi [ Joint PhD with Brazzaville University (Congo) ]
Ismaïl Gourragui [ INRIA-LGIPM scholarship, Joint PhD with LGIPM ]
Mohamed Mabrouk [ Tunisian scholarship ]
Papa Ibrahima N'Diaye [ regional scholarship, Joint PhD with Saint-Louis University (Senegal), INRIA and INRA ]

Research scientist (partner)

Gabriel Abba [ Professor (Metz University), LGIPM ]
François Léonard [ Assistant d professor (ENIM), LGIPM ]


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