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Publications of the year

Articles in refereed journals and book chapters

P. Adda, J. Dimi, A. Iggidr, J. Kamgang, G. Sallet, J. Tewa.
General models of host-parasite systems. Global analysis, in: Discrete and continuous dynamical systems series B, to appear, 2005.
M. Hammami, M. Oumoun, J.-C. Vivalda.
Stabilization of homogeneous nonlinear systems by means of an observer, in: International journal of applied mathematics and statistics, 2005, vol. 3, p. 60–67.
J. Kamgang, G. Sallet.
Global asymptotic stability for the disease free equilibrium for epidemiological models, in: CRAS Série I, 2005, vol. 341, p. 433–438.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

M. Mabrouk, J.-C. Vivalda.
State transformation for Euler-Lagrange systems, in: Proceedings of INCINCO 2005, Barcelone, 2005.
G. Sallet.
Théorie du contrôle et équations différentielles de Riccati, in: Contrôle non linéaire et applications. École d'été du CIMPA (2003), Tlemcen, 2005.