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Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : information system, user-centered design, evaluation, knowledge discovery, KDD, data mining, usage mining, document mining, semantics checking, semantic Web, knowledge management, information retrieval, recommender system, Web mining, semantic Web, data stream mining.


AxIS leads research in the area of Information Systems (ISs) with a special interest for evolving ISs such as Web based-information Systems. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall quality of ISs, to support designers during the design process and to ensure ease of use to end users. We are convinced that to reach this goal, according to the constant evolution of web based ISs, it is necessary to anticipate the usage and the maintenance very early in the design process. Four main applicative objectives are then addressed by the team:

To achieve such objectives, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary and in fact, the AxIS team, which was created in July 2003, regroups people coming from different domains in computer sciences: Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining & Analysis, Software Engineering, all of them being involved in the world of XML documents and information systems.

The research topics related to our objectives are presented in Figure  1 according to three points of view:

Figure 1. Global View of AxIS Research Topics


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