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University Teaching

AxIS is an associated team for the ``STIC Doctoral school'' at the University of Nice Sophie Antipolis (UNSA) and the team members are teaching in various university curriculums:

Ph.D. Thesis

Ph.D. defence in 2005:

  1. D. Tanasa, (start: end of 2001), ``Web Usage Mining: Contributions to Intersites Logs Preprocessing and Sequential Pattern Extraction with Low Support'' [16] ), University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (director: B. Trousse), june 3rd.

Ph.D. in progress:

  1. S. Chelcea, (start: end of 2002), ``Agglomerative 2-3 Hierarchical Clustering: theoretical and applicative study'', Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (directors: J. Lemaire and B. Trousse with the support of P. Bertrand on 2-3 AHC).

  2. H. Behja, (start: end of 2002), ``Gestion de points de vues multiples dans l'analyse d'un observatoire sur le Web'', University of Casablanca, (directors: A. Marzark and B. Trousse). This thesis is done in the context of the STIC Software engineering network of France-Morocco cooperation (2002-2005).

  3. A. Baldé, (start: end of 2003), ''Extraction de méta-données à partir de prototypes issus d'une classification'' (Metadata Extraction from classification prototypes), University of Paris IX Dauphine, (directors: E. Diday and Y. Lechevallier) with the participation of B. Trousse and M.-A. Aufaure (Supelec).

  4. A Da Silva, (start: October 2005), "Modélisation de données agrégées ou complexes par l'approche symbolique, application au Web Usage Mining", University of Paris IX Dauphine (directors: Edwin Diday and Yves Lechevallier).

  5. A. Marascu, (start: October 2005), ``Extraction de Motifs Séquentiels dans les Data Streams'', Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (director: Yves Lechevallier) with the participation of B. Trousse and F. Masseglia).

F. Rossi is a member of the thesis committee of N. Delannay(start: October 2003) on ``Méthodes neuronales pour les données structurées'', Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (director: Michel Verleysen).

AxIS researchers were members of Ph.D. committees in 2005:


We welcomed eleven students in AXIS this year:

  1. R. Busseuil(supervisors S. Chelcea and B. Trousse), ENS Cachan and Inria Sophia-Antipolis, ``Classification des itinéraires pour l'aide á la navigation assistée par GPS'' [47] .

  2. M. Fegas(supervisor A.-M. Vercoustre), University of Orsay Paris-11 and Inria Rocquencourt, ``Classification de documents XML'' [48] .

  3. M. Dufresne(supervisors Marc Csernel, Yves lechevallier, Francois Patte), Univ. Paris XIII Institut galilée, Inria Rocquencourt, Interactive presentation of Critical edition of Sankrit texts.

  4. S. Kebbache(supervisors Marc Csernel, Yves lechevallier), Univ. Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Inria Rocquencourt, Comparison of Sanskrit texts, aligment procedures.

  5. A. Marascu(supervisor F. Masséglia), University of Nice and Inria Sophia-Antipolis, ``Extraction de motifs séquentiels dans les data streams'' [52] .

  6. S. Sellah(supervisors F. Masséglia and B. Trousse), University of Lyon 2 and Inria Sophia Antipolis, [53] .

  7. S. Tandabany(supervisors S. Chelcea and B. Trousse), University of Orsay Paris-11, ENS Lyon and Inria Sophia Antipolis, ``Elaborating a Distance for Clusterig Homogeneous Sanskrit Documents'' [55] .

Four of which were in the context of the Inria international internship program:

  1. A. Da Silva(supervisors Y. Lechevallier and B. Trousse), Recife University of Permenbouc (Brazil), Inria Rocquencourt, Inria International Internship Program.

  2. C. Garboni, West University of Timisoara (Romania) and Inria Sophia Antipolis, Inria International Internship Program [49] .

  3. S. Gul(supervisor A.-M. Vercoustre), MIT and Inria Rocquencourt, XML Document mining (in progress), Inria Internship Program.

  4. N. Lopes Calvacanti Junior(supervisor F. Rossi), Federal Univ. of Pernambuco, Brazil and Inria Rocquencourt, Implementation of a fast Dissimilarity Self-Organizing Map (in progress), Inria Internship Program.


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