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Section: Dissemination

Promotion of the Scientific Community


AxIS members belongs to editorial boards of two international journals and three national journals:

F. Masséglia and B. Trousse were invited editors (with O. Boussaid and P. Gancarski) of a Special issue of the RNTI (Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information) on ``Complex Data Mining'' [14] . Y. Lechevallier was a member of the editorial board and A-M. Vercoustre was an additional reviewer.

AxIS members were reviewers for sixteen international and national journals and for one international book

Program Committees

Several AxIS members were involved at national or international conferences/worhshops as member of Program Committee or as additional reviewer. Let us note that we organized this year two workshops this year (FDC at EGC05 and MDM/KDD'05).

National Conferences/Workshops
International Conferences/Workshops

Invited Seminars

Organization of Conferences or Workshops

Besides the organization of the workshops FDC/EGC'05) and MDM/KDD'05, we are involved in others organization tasks:

AxIS Web Server

AxIS maintains an external and an internal Web site allowing the access to lots of information, including software developed in the team, our publications, relevant events (conferences, workshops) and information related to the conferences and seminar we organise. URL: .

S. Chelcea delevoped our publication management tool called ``BibAdmin''. BibAdmin is a collection of PHP/MySQL scripts for bibliographic (Bibtex) management over the Web. Publications are stored in a MySQL database and can be added/edited/modified via a Web interface. It is specially designed for research teams to easily manage their publications or references and to make their results more visible. Users can build different private/public bibliographies which can be then used to compile LaTeX documents. BibAdmin is made available under the GNU GPL license on INRIA's GForge server at:

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