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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Initiatives

Due to the bi-localization of the team, we are involved into two regions: PACA and Ile-de-France.

Color Action: ``e-Mimetic''

Our partners are: LePont laboratory (E. Boutin) of the University South Toulon and the IHMH team of LIRMM (M. Nanard, J. Nanard, J-Y. Delors), related to defining and evaluating new Web pages ranking criteria based on page presentation. The web server of this action is e-mimetic .

During this action, we have two internships: Sofiane Sellah [53] located at Inria Sophia Antipolis on the use of generalized URLs for extracting sequential patterns according to different point of views (content or user access) and Patrick Chastellan, located at LIRMM (Montpellier) on the extraction of page presentation criteria.

``Pôle de compétitivité SCS ``Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées''

AxIS (B. Senach and B. Trousse) is participating in the preparation of the ROSCOE project related to intelligent transport systems with different partners such: Hitachi Europe (leader), Vu Log, Nexo, Inria (Mascotte), CNRT Télius, etc.

Other initiatives


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