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Section: New Results

Keywords : polynomial approximation, minimax approximation, Chebyshev polynomials, automatic generation, floating-point arithmetic, polytopes, linear programming, modular function, modular invariant, Fourier coefficient, circle method, Hankel function.


Participants : N. Brisebarre, J.-M. Muller, A. Tisserand.

Efficient Polynomial Approximation

In [1] , N. Brisebarre, J.-M. Muller and A. Tisserand provide a general and efficient method for finding the best polynomial approximation under constraints of form and size in bits of the coefficients. The method described in [1] is currently implemented in the C library MEPLib (cf. § 5.10 ).

Modular Functions

The modular invariant jis an important function in number theory [64] . G. Philibert (LARAL, Saint-Étienne) and N. Brisebarre established in [16] precise upper and lower bounds for the Fourier coefficients of jm for all Im2 ${m\#8712 \#8469 \#8726 {0}}$ . These results improve on previously known results, especially those of Mahler [60] and Herrmann [57] .


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