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Section: New Results

Keywords : division, floating-point division, division by constant, SRT, high-radix SRT, shift-and-add algorithms, VLIW, DSP.

Software Division

Participants : C.-P. Jeannerod, J.-M. Muller, S.-K. Raina, A. Tisserand.

Algorithms for Floating-Point Arithmetic on Integer Processors

In [37] we present floating-point division algorithms and implementations. We compare all standard algorithms and propose a high-radix digit-recurrence algorithm which gives a speed-up factor of about 3.

Division by Constant

The work done in 2001–2003 by J.-M. Muller, A. Tisserand, B. Dupont de Dinechin (STMicroelectronics) and C. Monat (STMicroelectronics) on the division by constant for the ST100 DSP processor has been presented in ARITH17  [44] .


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