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Section: Software

Keywords : floating-point arithmetic, formal proof, Coq.

PFF: Formal Proofs about Floats

Participants : S. Boldo, M. Daumas, G. Melquiond.

Our library of theorems and proofs about floating-point arithmetic is based on the library originated by M. Daumas, L. Rideau and L. Théry during the ARC AOC. The theorems are in the most possible general form. Most of them do not depend on the radix or on the rounding mode. We based our results on many lemmas from the literature. This allows any reader to understand and use our results without having to learn our formalism.

Four research teams use their developer's privilege to add their proofs and theorems to PFF. Other teams download the library anonymously or use a more stable version available as a Coq contribution.

Status: stable / License: LGPL / Programming Language: Coq / URL:


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