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Section: Software

Keywords : polynomial approximation, minimax approximation, floating-point arithmetic, fixed-point arithmetic, polytopes, linear programming.

MEPLib : Machine-Efficient Polynomials Library

Participants : N. Brisebarre, J.-M. Muller, A. Tisserand, S. Torres.

This software library is developed within a national initiative Ministry Grant ACI ``New interfaces of mathematics'' (see § 8.1 ).

MEPLib is a library for automatic generation of polynomial approximations of functions under various constraints, imposed by the user, on the coefficients of the polynomials. The constraints may be on the size in bits of the coefficients or the values of these coefficients or the form of these coefficients. It should be useful to engineers or scientists for software and hardware implementations.

Status: Beta release / Target: various processors, DSP, ASIC, FPGA / License: GPL / OS: Unix, Linux, Windows (Cygwin) / Programming Language: C / URL:


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