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Section: Software

Keywords : interval arithmetic, generic C++ library, policy-based design.

Boost Interval Arithmetic Library

Participant : G. Melquiond.

In collaboration with H. Brönnimann (Polytechnic U. Brooklyn, NY USA) and S. Pion (Géométrica team, Sophia Antipolis).

This library of the Boost project ( ) is a C++ library designed to efficiently handle mathematical intervals in a generic way. Our design is unique in that it uses policies to specify three independent variable behaviors: rounding, checking, comparisons. As a result, with the proper policies, this interval library is able to emulate almost any of the specialized libraries available for interval arithmetic, without any loss of performance nor sacrificing the ease of use. The version 1.32 has been released and the library is now considered fully operational.

The interval arithmetic library is an integral part of the Boost project. This project aims at providing free peer-reviewed C++ libraries and the 1.32 release has been downloaded more than 130,000 times.

Status: stable / Target: x86, PPC, Sparc / License: Boost Software License 1.0 / OS: any / Programming Language: C++ / URL:


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