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Section: Software

Keywords : arithmetic operators, function evaluation, floating-point, LNS, FPGA.

FPLibrary: a Library of Operators for ``Real'' Arithmetic on FPGAs

Participants : J. Detrey, F. de Dinechin.

FPLibrary is a VHDL library that describes arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root) for two formats of representation of real numbers: floating-point, and logarithmic number system [20] . These formats are parametrized in precision and range.

It has been extended in 2005 by the addition of floating-point logarithm and exponential operators [5] , which exhibit 10x speedup when compared with the processor. FPLibrary is the first hardware library to offer parametrized hardware architectures for such elementary functions.

Status: stable / Target: FPGA and ASIC / License: LGPL / OS: any / Programming Language: VHDL / URL:


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