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Section: Dissemination


Robert de Simone taught courses on Formal Methods and Models for Embedded Systems in the STIC Research Master program of the university of Nice/Sopia-Antipolis (UNSA), and at ISIA-EMP (an engineering school located in Sophia-Antipolis), each time for approximately 24h.

Yves Sorel teaches at ESIEE (an engineering school located in Noisy-le-Grand), in the Research Master cursus at the University of Orsay Paris 11, and at ENSTA (an engineering school located in Paris), on topics comprising the AAA methodology, formal modeling and optimization of distributed embedded systems.

Charles André is a Professor at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, department of Electrical Engineering. He teaches sequential circuits, discrete event systems, computer architecture and real-time programming. He also teaches ``synchronous programming'' and ``UML for engineering systems'' at the university polytechnic: EPU (options electrical engineering (Elec) and sofware engineering (SI)) and in the STIC research master.

Marie-Agnès Peraldi-Frati gives courses at different cursus levels of UNSA :

She is responsible for the option "Informatique embarquée et réseau sans fil" of the LP SIL cursus.

Frédéric Mallet is Associate Professor at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, departement of Infomatics. He teaches Object-oriented Programming at all levels from very beginners to Master level courses, and on all platforms from javacard, PDA, to standard operating systems. He also teaches Computer Architecture to undergraduate students.


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