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Leadership within scientific community

Robert de Simone was program committee member for Memocode'05. He is also member of the Commission de Spécialiste UNSA 27 esection , and INRIA representative to the CIM PACA regional initiative on Microelectrnics design; this includes being appointed to the Strategic Committee of the ARCCIS mother association, and member of the Board of Administrators of the Design Platform association. As INRIA leader of the CARROLL PROTES project he attended several OMG Technical Meetings at various locations in the US. Finally, he is member of the International Advisory Board for the CRC Press on Embedded Systems.

Robert de Simone and Dumitru Potop, together with Jean-Pierre Talpin (Espresso, team, IRISA) wrote a Handbook chapter on Synchronous Languages and formalisms [46] . Charles André also wrote a chapter on Real-Time systems in a collective Encyclopedia work on Computer Science and Information Systems, published in french by Vuibert [45] . Dumitru Potop and Olivier Tardieu, together with Stephen Edwards (U. Columbia), are currently writing a book on Esterel's semantics.

Yves Sorel leads the Theme C Working Group (Adequation Algorithme Architecture) of the PRC-GDR ISIS (Information Signal Images et viSion). He is Program Member for the following conferences and workshops: JFAAA, ERTS, EUSIPCO, GRESTSI, JEAI, SYMPA, RTS. He is permanent member of the LCPC Scientific Committee, of the CARLIT-ONERA Scientific Committee, and of the DETIM-ONERA Evaluation and Orientation Committee. He participated to the following juries PhD.: I. Alzeer, A. Gamatie, F. Peix, HDR: M. Shawky, O. Deforges.

Robert de Simone was reviewer for the HDR thesis of Jean-Pierre Talpin, and the PhD thesis of Jan Mikac and David Merchat (VERIMAG).


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