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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Charles André, Gérard Cristau, Anaud Cuccuru, Robert de Simone, Yves Sorel.

CARROLL is a joint initiative between Thales, CEA, and INRIA to launch collaborative projects, mostly on UML and/or MDA based topics. The PROTES project is dedicated to the construction of a specific UML profile for Real-Time Embedded systems that would cover our needs, and a standardization effort towards the OMG.

Early this year our MARTE (Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time Embedded systems) ``RFP'' (Request-For-Proposal) document was successfully voted at the OMG. This lead the way to the gathering of a global consortium in order to submit a response to this proposal. It currently comprises the main software editing houses in the domain (IBM-Rational, Artisan, I-Logix*, TeleLogic, SofTeam), several large end-users (Thales, Alcatel, Lockheed-Martin, IBM, Mentor Graphics), and several academic partners.

We made a number of proposals for inclusion in the draft that were directly taken from our work on application and architecture modeling, taking up the synchronous or GALS approach. The initial submission was successfully completed at the last OMG Technical Meeting of 2005 in Burlingame, and the revised version (version 1.0) is to be approved in June 2006 (or, more likely, at the next Technical OMG meeting).

This work involved participation on the part of Aoste team members to several OMG Technical meetings in the US (Burlingame, December 2004 and 2005; Boston, June 2005), as well as progress meetings in France, internal to Protes, about every two months.


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