Team aoste

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: New Results

CyCab experimentations

Participants : Céline Roussel, Nicolas Pernet, Yves Sorel.

Since three years we have been experimenting our SynDEx software onto different applications running onto the CyCab. We experimented firts a stop when obstacle application using ultra-sound sensors. Then, we began to experiment a CyCab recognition application in order to carry out virtual train of CyCabs, i.e. several CyCabs follow the preceding CyCab, the first one being driven by a human person. In order to carry out the CyCab recognition application we designed and implement different image processing algorithms that were integrated on a low cost vision system based on a webcam and an embedded PC. This low cost smart that is connected to the embedded PC of the CyCab was developed in collaboration with the team COSI of ESIEE. We made first tests to use this vision system in a control loop algorithm aiming at maintaining a security distance between two CyCabs whatever the speed of the preceding one is.


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