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Participants : Mohamed Akil [ Professor esiee Noisy-Le-Grand ] , Thierry Grandpierre, Pierre Niang [ PhD. student esiee Noisy-Le-Grand ] , Yves Sorel.

SynDEx-IC is a CAD software for the design of non-programmable components such as ASIC or FPGA for which, the application algorithm to implement is specified with the graph model of the AAA methodology. It is developed in collaboration with the team A2SI of ESIEE. It allows to specify the application algorithm like in SynDEx, and automatically synthesizes the data path and the control path of the specific integrated circuit as a synthetizable VHDL program while real-time and surface constraints are satisfied. Because these problems are again of NP-hard complexity, we propose greedy and iterative heuristics based on "loop-unrolling" of the algorithm graph, in order to solve them.

This integrated circuit synthesis was tested on image processing applications. Using SynDEx-IC we specified and implemented, for example, several digital image filters onto the XC2S100 SPARTAN FPGA based on executive kernel for synthetizable VHDL. We extended the architecture model in order to support the specificities of FPGA: internal memories, configuration of computational units, communication unit with other components. Using this extended architecture model, we modelled the architecture of different commercial Boards (Virtex II pro card from Xilinx, Stratix board from Altera) and applyied the graph transformations needed to obtain an optimized hardware implementation on this kind of architecture.

Such non-programmable components designed with SynDEx-IC may be in turn used in SynDEx in order to specify complex multicomponent architectures composed of non-programmable and programmable components all together interconnected. Presently, both softwares SynDEx and SynDEx-IC are separated, the hardware/software partitioning phase of co-design being done manually. We plan in the future to integrate SynDEx-IC in an unique software environment, and also to provide heuristics to automaticallyperform hardware/software partitioning.


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