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Section: Software


Participants : Christophe Gensoul, Arnaud Rouanet, Yves Sorel.

SynDEx is a system level CAD software implementing the AAA methodology for rapid prototyping and for optimizing distributed real-time embedded applications. It can be downloaded free of charge, under INRIA copyright, at the url: . It provides the following functionalities:

The distribution and scheduling heuristics, as well as the timing diagram, help the user to parallelize his algorithm and to explore architectural solutions while satisfying real-time constraints. Since SynDEx provides a seamless framework from the specification to the distributed real-time execution, formal verifications obtained during the early stage of the specification, are maintained along the whole development cycle. Moreover, since the executives are automatically generated, part of tests and low level hand coding are eliminated, decreasing the development cycle duration.

SynDEx was evaluated by the main companies involved in the domain of distributed real-time embedded systems, and is presently used to carry out new products at Robosoft, MBDA, and Mitsubishi Electric ITE.


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