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Section: Application Domains

System-on-Chip design

While design of digital circuits is already a fairly complex development process, involving many modeling and programming stages, together with intensive testing and involved low-leval synthesis and place-and-route techniques, SoC desig adds yet new complexity dimensions to this process. Fully synchronous designs are not feasible anymore, and custon IP reuse becomes mandatory to integrate full processor cores into a new designs. New aproaches are being proposed, which try to depart only as little as possible form the synchronous/cycle-accurate prevailing design techniques, while allowing more timing flexibility at interfaces between blocks. These aaproaches are generally flagged as GALS (Globally-Asynchronous/Locally-Synchronous). They usually put a stress on proper mathematical modeling at every stage, thereby revisiting and associating known models with new intent. Synthesis seen as model-transformation seems here a nice way to bring some of the OMG MDA schemes into true existence.


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