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Section: Application Domains

Keywords : embedded automotive electronics.

Mobile robotics, automotive and transportation

With increasing functionality demands in powertrain, body comfort or telematics applications, modern cars are becoming complex systems including Real-Time OS (OSEK), complex data buses (CAN or TTP/FlexRay), with distributed intelligent sensors and powerful computing power. Software and electronic are now becoming a prominent part of both the price and added value. Still, no ``ideal'' hardware/software architecture is yet standardized, and the development methodologies are still at infancy. Proposals for high-level modeling and infrastructure platform organization have been proposed, as in the EAST-EEA and AutoSar consortium. We are taking part in the first initiative, mostly through the AAA methodology which proposes computer-aided mapping of synchronous applications onto heterogeneous platforms. This methodology was amply demonstrated in the framework of CyCab mobile robotic applications.


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