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Section: Application Domains

Embedded systems

Our generic field of applications is termed as ``Embedded Systems'', meaning all kind of equipments including software and electronical parts, apart from regular mainstream computers. This includes transportation vehicles (cars, aircrafts,...), mobile robotics, communicating appliances such as mobile telephones, or System-on-Chip design. These fields are further described in their particular aspects below.

Common to all embedded systems are: the reactivity aspect (supervising or simply interacting with an outside environment); the demand for safety (often critical); the heterogeneity of models , incumbing a multiplicity of engineering techniques from different scientific disciplines. Large development projects usually involve many providers for components, and the design flow is far less linear as in traditional software: it includes customarily various stages of modeling, prototyping, simulation/evaluation/dimensioning, manual reencoding, and iterative (re)design space exploration. Component reuse is also usually a great concern (as components might be physical preexisting parts). Here formal models and notations can greatly help keep the traceability of the design process, and justify some of its steps for soundness and accurary across the flow and its various actors.


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