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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

AIM at Shape European project

Participants : Bruno Levy, Ben Wan Chiu Li, Nicolas Ray.

The AIMShape European project intends to design geometrical modeling techniques improving the management of semantic information. The 3D modeling and computer graphics research domains require more and more expertise in various areas (differential geometry, numerical algorithms, combinatorial data structure, computer graphics hardware, ...). Achieving significant advances requires to master all these fundamental domains, which requires at least 10 men years for each aspect. In other words, reinventing the wheel can be a dramatic waste of time. This Network of Excellence (NoE) aims at sharing the expertise of European research groups in this area. To better share the knowledge and know-how, we proposed to develop within the network the notion of DSW (Digital Shape Workbench), i.e. a set of common integrated research platforms ( CGAL : computational geometry library, Graphite : numerical geometry workbench, Synapse: numerical algorithms). We expect significant new fundamental results as the outcome of this strategy.


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