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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National initiatives

ACI Data Masses (ministry grant)

Participants : Bruno Lévy, Wan Chiu Li, Nicolas Ray.

The Data Masses ACI (2004-2006, 36 monthes) studies new ways of handling large geometrical databases. ALICE's contribution concerns the parameterization of large triangulated surfaces and the segmentation of geometric objects based on an approximation of the curvature tensor.

ARC Georep (INRIA new investigation grant)

Participants : Xavier Cavin, Bruno Lévy, Wan Chiu Li, Nicolas Ray, Bruno Vallet.

We coordinate the ARC Georep (2005-2006, 24 monthes), that aims at designing new solutions to convert a raw representation of a 3D object into a higher-level representation. The main objective is to show the feasability of this approach by applying it to a real Computer Graphics problem, i.e. to demonstrate the full pipeline: acquisition $ \rightarrow$ geometry processing $ \rightarrow$ application. To reach this goal, this ARC connects participants having skills in various disciplines (3D acquisition: LSIIT, 3D reconstruction: MOVI, Geometry Processing: ALICE, UBC, Numerical Analysis: GRAAL and Computer Graphics: ARTIS, ALICE). We recently submitted a proposal for extending this ARC to new participants in MPII (Hans-Peter Seidel and Alexander Belyaev).

ODL Speech-To-Graphite (INRIA software development grant)

Participants : Fabien Boutantin, Bruno Lévy.

This project (2004-2005, 24 monthes) in cooperation with the Parole project (INRIA Lorraine) and the Datha association develops new tools based on our Graphite software to help deaf persons learn how to read on lips. The software animates a realistic 3D model of a face, driven by Parole's speech recognition techniques. The software was mentioned in an article in the French journal Sciences et Vie Junior .

Cooperation with project CALVI (Inria Lorraine)

Participants : Bruno Lévy, Xavier Cavin.

As a followup to our previous ARC Plasma, we work in cooperation with the Calvi project in order to improve visualization methods used by Calvi in their scientific computing applications (B. Lévy is an external collaborator of project Calvi). One of our images showing the results of a plasma simulation developped by Calvi will be used in the French journal La Recherche .

Cooperation with EDAM (biochemistry, Nancy)

Participants : Xavier Cavin, Nicolas Ray.

As a followup to our previous ARC Docking, we work in cooperation with the eDAM team. We developped the Intersurf plugin (modelisation of surfaces of interaction between two groups of atoms) for the VMD software [12] . We currently develop the VSM platform (Virtual Screening Manager)  [21] to detect matching pairs (from a molecular docking point of view) within large molecular data bases. X. Cavin co-advises with B. Maigret (DR CNRS - eDAM ) two Ph.D. theses (M. Chavent and A. Beautrait).

Cooperation with Gocad (Nancy school of geology)

Participants : Laurent Castanié, Bruno Lévy, Luc Buatois.

As a followup to previous cooperation projects (including our ACI Geogrid, coordinated by J.-C. Paul), we work in cooperation with the Gocad group. The Ph.D. theses of L. Castanié and L. Buatois are co-advised by J.-L. Mallet (Prof. Nancy school of geology) and B. Lévy. The recent results of L. Castanié [14] , [11] were integrated in the Volume Explorer plugin of the Gocad software, tested by different industrial partners (including ARAMCO).



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