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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Microsoft Research Cambridge

Our proposal Geometric Intelligence on Geometry Processing was selected by Microsoft Research Cambridge (in the frame of the Microsoft call for proposals tools for advancing science ).

Gocad Consortium

The Gocad software is developed in the context of a consortium that encloses some forty universities and thirty oil and gas companies around the world. This software is dedicated to modeling and visualizing the underground.

Eden Games

Eden Games (group ATARI-Infogrammes) has chosen X-Mesh (from our VSP-Technology start-up) for their next ``Alone in the Dark'' game. "X-Mesh showed the best performance, guaranteeing the most efficient unwrapping and proved to be really able to automate the whole process" (David Nadal, co-founder and Game director of Eden Games).


We have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with NVidia that allows us to have access to their new graphics board before they are commercially available. We have participated in the certification of their drivers for the Quadro 4500 and G-Sync hardware. NVidia has chosen our laboratory to make the public announcement of this hardware in Europe (December, 2). We have ported the NVidia Software Developper Kit to Linux and started to cooperate with them on this topic (with I. Castano and K. Ashido from NVidia).


We have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with 3DLabs, and we got a Wildcat Realizm graphics board before it is commercially available. We have developped on this card a new approach for vector texture mapping. We met Randy Rost (3DLabs) at Siggraph about these developments.


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