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Section: Software


Participants : Fabien Boutantin, Gregory Lecot, Bruno Lévy, Wan-Chiu Li, Nicolas Ray, Rodrigo Toledo, Bruno Vallet, Bin Wang.

Graphite is a research platform for computer graphics, 3D modeling and numerical geometry. It comprises all the main research results of our ``Geometry Processing'' group. Data structures for cellular complexes, parameterization, multi-resolution analysis and numerical optimization are the main features of the software. Graphite is publically available since October 2003, and is now used by researchers from Geometrica (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Artis (INRIA Grenoble), LSIIT (Strasbourg), Technion (Israel), Stanford University (United States), Harvard University (United States), University of British Columbia (Canada), MIT (United States). Graphite is one of the common software platforms used in the frame of the European Network of Excellence AIMShape .


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