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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Actions

Knowledge Web

Participants : Thanh-Le Bach, Olivier Corby, Sylvain Dehors, Rose Dieng-Kuntz (resp.), Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin, Phuc-Hiep Luong.

We take part in the Knowledge Web Network of Excellence. This year, we took part in the workpackages WP2.2 Heterogeneity where we worked on ontology alignment, WP2.3 Dynamics where we studied thoroughly ontology evolution, and WP1.2 Evaluation. Rose Dieng-Kuntz took part in the research meetings in Hannover. In the WP3 Education, Sylvain Dehors contributed to the WP3.1 and WP3.3 of the Knowledge Web NoE. He attended the general meeting in Hannover in January, and contributed to the different deliverables and evaluation of the work packages he was involved in. Especially he contributed to the definition of the requirements for the future e-learning platform for semantic web studies, and he is still active in the definition of the domain ontology for semantic web.

This year, Alain Giboin took part in the Workpackage 1.2. Evaluation," and contributed to the Deliverable "D1.2.3. Methods for ontology evaluation." [57] .

Fabien Gandon took part in the Deliverable on best practices of WP1.4.

Olivier Corby took part in the Workpackage 2.1 on the benchmark on RDF tools. The results for Corese were very good: Corese was even the best tool among the competing tools) (cf. see ).

Future European projects

For the IST-4 Call, the Acacia team took part in three successful proposals, positively evaluated, and under negotiation for being funded:


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