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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Actions


Participants : Olivier Corby, Rose Dieng-Kuntz, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin, Hervé Karp (resp.).

Acacia is engaged with Hervé Karp in a process of creation of a start-up, eCore, in order to market a solution for skills management based on Corese. The contract with Philips will enable to develop a pilot for eCore.

MEAT Project

Participants : Khaled Khelif, Rose Dieng-Kuntz (resp.), Olivier Corby.

We collaborate with Pascal Barbry (IPMC), Rémi Bars (Bayer Crop Science) and Martine Collard (I3S) to build a memory of experiments on DNA chips (see section 6.1.4).

Laboratoire des usages de Sophia Antipolis

Participants : Alain Giboin, Sophie De Bonis, Thierry Grandsart.

We take part in the ``Use laboratory'' that aims at observing the current collective usages of technologies, and to anticipate future usages « by a pluridisciplinary research gathering technologists, economists, sociologists, ergonomists, marketing specialists with rigorous methodologies around effective technological platforms and relevant and various users. »

CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Center for Building)

Participants : Tuan-Dung Cao, Rose Dieng-Kuntz (resp.).

We collaborate with Bruno Fiès and Marc Bourdeau (CSTB) for Tuan-Dung Cao's PhD on Software Agents for the Web Mining, Application to Technological and Scientific Watch .

CINDY, Pôle Cindynique of ENSMP

Participants : Thanh-Le Bach, Rose Dieng-Kuntz (resp.).

We collaborate with Franck Guarnieri (CINDY - Pole of Research and Formation on Danger and Risk Management of the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, in Sophia Antipolis) for Thanh-Le Bach's PhD on Construction of a multi-viewpoint Semantic Web . We also have contacts for follow-up of the PhD of Denis Overal, PhD student at CINDY/ENSMP.

WebLearn Colors

Participants : Olivier Corby, Sylvain Dehors, Rose Dieng-Kuntz (resp.), Catherine Faron-Zucker, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin.

We collaborate with the Mainline Team at ESSI, the LIRMM, and the CREGO for the WebLearn Colors on Semantic Web for E-Learning . Our objective is to explore the techniques of the Semantic Web for e-learning applications and to measure the impact of e-learning specificities for the design of dedicated semantic portals.

"UsableIntranet'' Colors

Participants : Michel Buffa, Olivier Corby, Sylvain Dehors, Sophie De Bonis, Rose Dieng-Kuntz, Catherine Faron-Zucker, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin (resp).

UsableIntranet is an INRIA Colors action dealing with the usage-oriented evaluation and redesign of corporate intranets. The originality of this research action is to make informatics specialists and usability specialists collaborate to identify ways to help informatics specialists effectively integrate the usage aspects in the intranet design process to make the intranet more usable. Five teams are involved in UsableIntranet, four academic teams, with pluridisciplinary and complementary competencies, and an industrial team: Acacia, M@inline (I3S Laboratory, UNSA, CNRS), Rainbow (I3S, UNSA, CNRS), PCE and LPEQ (UNSA), Webcore (ILOG, Sophia Antipolis). The first period of the action was devoted to states-of-the-art about intranets and intranet usability, and to a usage study of the ILOG intranet [53] . The UsableIntranet group has been solicited by the French association ClubNet to present its work during one of the thematic workshops organized by the association. ClubNet gathers intranet managers ( ). We were solicited by Jean-François Nogier, a ClubNet member who is also the author of ``Ergonomie du logiciel et design web : le manuel des interfaces utilisateur'', and who introduced a novel section on the usability of intranets in the new edition of his book (2005).


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