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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: VASY

Project : vasy

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Collaborations

In 2004, our preliminary collaboration with the Leti laboratory of Cea-Grenoble was formalized in the framework of the Inria/Leti co-operation agreement. Vasy is involved in a research action about asynchronous circuits, Gals (Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous) architectures, NoC (Network on Chip), and SoC (System on Chip), together with Leti scientists (Edith Beigné, François Bertrand, and Pascal Vivet). The Tima laboratory (Dominique Borrione, Menouer Boubekeur, and Marc Renaudin) also contributes to this research action. The goal is to build software tools for the design of asynchronous circuits; such circuits are very promising in terms of high-performance, low-power, low-emission, and modularity; however, their design is difficult due to the complexity inherent to asynchronous concurrency. In 2004, our work focused on the verification of an asynchronous circuit implementing the Des encryption standard (see §  6.3) and on the development of a translator to interconnect the verification tools developed by Vasy and the hardware synthesis tools developed at Tima (see §  6.2.4).

Together with the project-team Oasis of Inria Sophia-Antipolis (Isabelle Attali, Tomas Barros, Rabea Boulifa, Eric Madelaine, and Bernard Serpette), the Ltci team of Enst-Paris (Elie Najm and Sylvie Vignes), and the Svf team of the Feria-Laas laboratory (Bernard Berthomieu and François Vernadat), Vasy is part of the national action FiacreAciSécurité Informatique started in 2004 (see F. Lang played a major role in launching the Fiacre action.

In 2004, we collaborated with several Inria teams:

Beyond Inria, we had scientific relations with the following team:

Finally, H. Garavel is an Inria representative at Cnrt-AE (Centre National de Recherche Technologique – Aéronautique et Espace) and at the national project Num@tec Automotive.


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