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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: tropics

Project : tropics

Section: Dissemination

Links with Industry, Contracts

Again this year, the number of connections to the tapenade web server has increased to more than one hundred. The most regular users of tapenade have subscribed to our ``tapenade-users'' mailing list, now registering 29 users.

Our collaboration with Mike Giles (Oxford University) and Rolls-Royce continues, with a regular use of tapenade by Mike Giles' team of researchers on the Rolls-Royce HYDRA code.

INRIA supports the industrial development of tapenade by funding our engineer Christophe Massol. His main task is to develop an efficient pointer analysis and differentiation of programs with pointers and dynamic memory allocation. In addition, his first work was to port tapenade to windows-xp platforms.

TROPICS is leader of a project ``Optimisation de forme et adaptation de maillage pour le bang supersonique'' supported by the Comité d'Orientation Supersonique of the French ministry of Research. Our partners are the university of Montpellier and the Gamma project in Rocquencourt.

TROPICS contributed to the european project HISAC, as the main contributor for one package. The HISAC project was accepted in october.

We established links with EDF, former users of the previous AD tool odyssee. We presented the new developments in tapenade during a meeting in november, showing that the important limitations of odyssee have been lifted and now make it possible to differentiate very large industrial code in a reasonable time. We shall give a course on Automatic Differentiation during the EDF-CEA-EADS-INRIA ``école d'été'' on uncertainties in the summer of 2005.


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