Team tropics

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: tropics

Project : tropics

Section: Application Domains

Inverse problems

Inverse problems aim at estimating the value of hidden parameters from other measurable values, that depend on the hidden parameters through a system of equations. For example, the hidden parameter might be the shape of the ocean floor, and the measurable values the altitude and speed of the surface. Another example is data assimilation in weather forecasting. The initial state of the simulation conditions the quality of the weather prediction. But this initial state is largely unknown. Only some measures at arbitrary places and times are available. The initial state is found by solving a least squares problem between the measures and a guessed initial state which itself must verify the equations of meteorology. This rapidly boils down to solving an adjoint problem, which can be done though AD [44].


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