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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: tropics


Major publications by the team in recent years

G. Corliss, C. Faure, A. Griewank, L. Hascoët, U. Naumann.
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms, from Simulation to Optimization, LNCSE, Springer, 2001.
F. Courty.
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F. Courty, A. Dervieux, B. Koobus, L. Hascoët.
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A. Dervieux, F. Courty, M. Vázquez, B. Koobus.
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L. Hascoët.
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The Data-Dependence Graph of Adjoint Programs, research report, INRIA, 2001, no 4167,
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Publications of the year

Articles in refereed journals and book chapters

F. Courty, A. Dervieux.
A SQP-like one-shot algorithm for optimal shape design, V. S. Ed. (editor), to appear, Springer, 2004.
F. Courty, D. Leservoisier, P.-L. George, A. Dervieux.
Continuous metrics and mesh optimization, in: Applied Numerical Mathematics, to appear, 2004.
L. Hascoët, U. Naumann, V. Pascual.
"To be recorded" analysis in reverse-mode automatic differentiation, in: Future Generation Computer Systems, to appear, 2004.
M. Michieli de Vitturi, F. Beux, G. Lombardi, A. Dervieux.
Optimum shape design for turbulent viscous flows around complete configurations of 2D flying sails, in: Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, 2004, vol. 4, no 1-2, p. 43-55.
E. Schall, D. Leservoisier, A. Dervieux, B. Koobus.
Mesh adaptation as a tool for certified computational aerodynamics, in: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 2004, vol. 45, p. 179-196.
M. Vazquez, A. Dervieux, B. Koobus.
Multilevel optimization of a supersonic aircraft, in: Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2004, vol. 40, p. 2101-2124.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

M. Araya-Polo, L. Hascoët.
Data Flow Algorithms in the Tapenade tool for Automatic Differentiation, in: Proceedings of 4th European Congress on Computational Methods, ECCOMAS'2004, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 2004.
F. Courty, T. Roy, A. Dervieux.
Continuous Optimal Control approach and mesh adaptation, in: Proceedings of 4th European Congress on Computational Methods, ECCOMAS'2004, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Jyvaskyla, july 24-28, 2004.
A. Dervieux, F. Courty, T. Roy, M. Vázquez, B. Koobus.
Optimization loops for shape and error control, in: PROMUVAL Short Course on Multidisciplinary Modelling, Simulation and Validation in Aeronautics, Barcelona, june 28-29, CIMNE, 2004.
L. Hascoët, M. Araya-Polo.
The adjoint Data-Flow analyses: formalization, properties, and applications, in: Proceedings the AD 2004 conference, Chicago, Illinois, July 2004.
L. Hascoët.
The Recompute-Or-Store Alternative in reverse Automatic Differentiation, in: Proceedings the AD 2004 conference, Chicago, Illinois, July 2004.
L. Hascoët.
tapenade: a tool for Automatic Differentiation of programs, in: Proceedings of 4th European Congress on Computational Methods, ECCOMAS'2004, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 2004.
V. Pascual, L. Hascoët.
Extension of Tapenade towards Fortran9x, in: Proceedings the AD 2004 conference, Chicago, Illinois, July 2004.

Internal Reports

A. Dervieux, F. Courty, T. Roy, M. Vázquez, B. Koobus.
Optimization loops for shape and error control: extended lecture notes, Research report, INRIA, 2004, no 5413,
L. Hascoët, V. Pascual.
tapenade 2.1 user's guide, Technical report, INRIA, 2004, no 300,

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