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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: tanc

Project : tanc

Section: Dissemination

Seminars and talks

A. Enge has given a survey on elliptic curve cryptography and recent progress in the field during the ``Journée Sécurité de l'Information et Cryptographie'' in Limoges in november. He has presented his work on the complexity of class polynomial computation at the workshop ``Algorithms and Number Theory'' at Dagstuhl in may.

P. Gaudry was a invited speaker for the ECC-2004 conference in Bochum (Germany), 20-22/09/04. He gave a talk during the Journées ACI Sécurité Informatique à Toulouse (16/11/04).

F. Morain has given talks on fastECPP in Amiens, Paris 6, Ensta. He presented [16] in Burlington.

N. Gürel has given talks in Caen; ENSTA; Sydney (Univ. Sydney, Univ. Macquarie) during his postdoctoral stay. R. Dupont has presented his work in Caen (march 2004). T. Houtmann attended Eurocrypt '04 in Interlaken.

AE, RD, NG, FM all attended ANTS-VI in Burlington.


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