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Inria / Raweb 2004
Project: tanc

Project : tanc

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François Morain is the head of the 1st year course ``Introduction à l'informatique et à la programmation'' at École polytechnique, and gives a cryptology course in Majeure 2. He represents École polytechnique in the Commission des Études of the Master MPRI.

A. Enge has been responsible for an introductory course on cryptology for PhD students at the University Bordeaux I. During the summer, he has conceived and realised a multimedia lecture on selected cryptologic topics proposed to students of École polytechnique in the framework of the European project Convergence. Furthermore, he has given lectures on the hyperelliptic discrete logarithm problem during the summer school on elliptic curve cryptography at Bochum.

A. Enge and P. Gaudry give lectures in the MPRI Master. R. Dupont, A .Enge, P. Gaudry, F. Morain, A. Weng have given lectures during the special semester on explicit methods in number theory at Institut Henry Poincaré, Paris (RD on his work, AE/AW/FM on complex multiplication, PG on point counting over finite fields).

P. Gaudry is also active at École polytechnique (Majeure 2, etc.).

F. Morain participated for the second time in the ACM International Programming Contest (SWERC04) in november 2004, as one of the problem authors. This contest was held at École polytechnique.


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