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Team: reo

Team : reo

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Summer schools organization

CEMRACS summer school

J.F. Gerbeau has organized, with E. Cancès (MicMac project), the 6 week summer school CEMRACS on ``Mathematics and applications in biology and medicine''.

The CEMRACS is an initiative promoted by SMAI (French Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics), whose goal is to create and reinforce interdisciplinary collaborations between applied mathematicians and scientists of other fields from academia and industry, focusing on selected topics.

CEMRACS 2004 took place from the 26th of July to the 3rd of September 2004 at CIRM (Centre International des Rencontres Mathematiques, located at Luminy on the campus of the University of Marseille). The first week was devoted to lectures, attended by about 80 persons. During the five other weeks, the participants worked in teams on projects proposed by an industrial or academic partner. Each team was composed of young researchers assisted by one or more senior researchers. Moreover, a one hour daily seminar has been organized, given either by a participant of the CEMRACS or a visiting scientist.

CEMRACS 2004 received 130 researchers (15 different citizenships). This is the strongest participation since the first edition in 1996. From 50 to 80 participants were simultaneously present during the 6 weeks.

On the industrial side, projects have been proposed by ELA Medical (optimization of stimulation by pacemakers), Air Liquide (breath modelling) and CEA (mesh generation from medical imaging). On the academic side, several projects have been supervised by pluridisciplinary teams (mathematicians, biologists, bioengineers and medical doctors). The most significant contributions will be published in the journal ESAIM Proceedings.

CEA-EDF-INRIA summer school ``Models and Solvers coupling''

P. Causin and J.F. Gerbeau have been assistant for the course of Charbel Farhat (Stanford University) during the CEA-EDF-INRIA summer school ``Models and Solvers coupling''. The purpose was to allow the participants of the school to pratice, through original test cases, various coupling strategies in fluid-structure interaction. This gave us the opportunity to experiment the REO fluid-structure solvers in the framework of SALOME (a CORBA platform developped in particular by EDF and CEA). This work has been done in collaboration with Marc Tajchman (CEA).


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