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Project-Team: MODBIO

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Project-Team : modbio

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National projects

Since February 2002, we have been participating in the cooperative research action ARC CPBIO «Process calculi and Biology of Molecular Networks». Our partners are the project team CONTRAINTES from INRIA Rocquencourt (F. Fages), the Genoscope (V. Schächter) and the laboratory PPS (V. Danos) in Paris.

We have regular contacts with the INRIA project teams HELIX (Rhône-Alpes), SYMBIOSE (Rennes) and COMORE (Sophia-Antipolis). In particular, we have been collaborating with Hidde de Jong (HELIX) in modeling the regulation of alternative splicing.

Since September 2003, we are coordinating a project called GENOTO3D, which is funded by the «Action Concertée Incitative» (ACI) «Masses de Données». The aim of this project is to apply machine learning approaches to the prediction of the tertiary structure of globular proteins. Our partners are the IBCP in Lyon, the LIF in Marseille, the project team SYMBIOSE from IRISA, the LIRMM in Montpellier, and the MIG laboratory of INRA in Jouy-en-Josas.