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Major publications by the team in recent years

B. Øksendal, A. Sulem.
Optimal Consumption and Portfolio with both fixed and proportional transaction costs, in: "SIAM J. Control and Optim", 2002, vol. 40, no 6, p. 1765–1790.
V. Bally, G. Pagès, J. Printems.
First order schemes in the numerical quantization method, in: "Mathematical Finance", 2003, vol. 13, no 1, p. 1–16.
E. Clément.
Pseudo-moderate deviations in the Euler method for real diffusion processes, in: "Stochastics and Stochastics Reports", 2002, vol. 72, no 1-2, p. 109-127.
E. Gobet, E. Temam.
Discrete time hedging errors for options with irregular payoffs, in: "Finance and Stochastics", 2001, vol. 5, no 3, p. 357-367.
B. Jourdain, C. Martini.
American prices embedded in European prices, in: "Annales de l'IHP, analyse non linéaire", 2001, vol. 18, no 1, p. 1-17.
D. Lamberton.
Error Estimates for the Binomial Approximation of American Put Options, in: "Annals of Applied Probability", 1998, vol. 8, no 1, p. 206-233.
D. Lamberton, B. Lapeyre.
Une introduction au calcul stochastique appliqué à la finance, traduction anglaise: An introduction to stochastic calculus applied to finance, Chapman and Hall, 1996, Collection Mathématiques et Applications, Ellipses, 1992.
D. Lamberton, L.C.G. Rogers.
Optimal stopping and embedding, in: "Journal of Applied Probability", 2000, vol. 37, p. 1143-1148.
B. Lapeyre, E. Pardoux, R. Sentis.
Introduction aux méthodes de Monte-Carlo, Collection Mathématiques et Applications, Springer Verlag, 1997.
B. Lapeyre, E. Temam.
Competitive Monte-Carlo Methods for the Pricing of Asian Options, in: "Journal of Computational Finance", 2001, vol. 5, no 1, p. 39-57.
D. Lefèvre.
An introduction to Utility Maximization with Partial Observation, in: "Finance", 2002, vol. 23,

Books and Monographs

B. Øksendal, A. Sulem.
Applied Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusions, Universitext, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heifdelberg, New York, 2005.

Articles in referred journals and book chapters

B. Arouna.
Adaptative Monte Carlo Method, A Variance Reduction technique, in: "Monte Carlo Methods and Applications", 2004, vol. 10, no 1.
B. Arouna.
Robbins-Monro algorithms and Variance reduction in finance, in: "Journal of Computational Finance", Winter 2003/2004, vol. 7, no 2, p. 35–61.
V. Bally.
The Central Limit Theorem for a nonlinear algorithm based on quantization, in: "Proceedings of the Royal Society", 2004, vol. A, no 460, p. 221-241.
V. Bally, G. Pagès, J. Printems.
A quantization tree method method for pricing and hedging multidimensional American options, in: "Mathematical Finance", January 2005, vol. 15, no 1, p. 119–169.
V. Bally, E. Pardoux, L. Stoica.
Backward stochastic differential equations associated to symmetric Markov processes, in: "Potential Theory", to appear,
V. Bally, B. Saussereau.
A relative compactness criterion in Wiene-Sobolev spaces and application to semi-linear stochastic PDEs, in: "Functional Analysis", 2004, vol. 210, no 2, p. 465–515.
F. Biagini, B. Øksendal, A. Sulem, N. Wallner.
An Introduction to white noise theory and Malliavin Calculus for Fractional Brownian Motion, in: "Proc. Royal Society", special issue on stochastic analysis and applications, 2004, vol. 460, no 2041, p. 347–372.
A. Ern, S. Villeneuve, A. Zanette.
Finite-Element-Methods for Local Volatility European Option Pricing, in: "International Journal of Applied and Theoretical Finance", September 2004, vol. 7, no 6.
N. C. Framstad, B. Øksendal, A. Sulem.
A maximum principle for stochastic control of jump diffusions, in: "Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications", 2004, vol. 121, p. 77–98.
J.Ph Chancelier, S. Pliska, A. Sulem.
Risk sensitive portfolio optimization with transaction costs, in: "Computational Finance", 2004, vol. 8, p. 39–63.
A. Kohatsu-Higa, A. Sulem.
Utility maximization in an insider influenced market, in: "Mathematical Finance", to appear, 2005,
D. Lamberton, G. Pagès, P. Tarrès.
When can the two-armed Bandit algorithm be trusted?, in: "Annals of Applied Probability", 2004, vol. 14, no 1, p. 1424–214.
G. Pagès, H. Pham, J. Printems.
An Optimal Markovian Quantization Algorithm for Multidimensional Stochastic Control Problems, in: "Stochastics and Dynamics", 2004, vol. 4, no 4, p. 501–545.
H. Pham, G. Pagès, J. Printems.
Handbook of Computational and Numerical Methods in Finance, S. Rachev (editor)., Birkhauser, Boston, 2004, chap. Optimal quantization and applications to numerical problems in finance, p. 253–298.
M. C. Quenez.
Optimal portfolio in a multiple-priors model, in: "Progress in Probability", 2004, vol. 58, no 1, p. 291-321.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

M. Gaudenzi, F. Pressacco, L. Ziani, A. Zanette.
High Precision Pricing and Hedging of American Put Options: New Insights on Lattice Based Methods, in: "Atti in CD-ROM 87th Spanish-Italian Meeting on Financial Mathematics Cuenca".
M. Gaudenzi, F. Pressacco, L. Ziani, A. Zanette.
High Precision Pricing and Hedging of American Put Options: New Insights, in: "Atti in CD-ROM 8th International Congress of Insurance: Mathematics & Economics, Roma", Working paper Dipartimento di Finanza dell'impresa e dei Mercati Finanziari Universita' di Udine 3-2004, 2004.

Internal Reports

L. Caramellino, A. Zanette.
Monte Carlo Methods for Pricing and Hedging American Options in High Dimension, Working paper, Dipartimento di Finanza dell'impresa e dei Mercati Finanziari Universita' di Udine, 4 2004.
J. Chancelier, M. Messaoud, A. Sulem.
A policy iteration algorithm for fixed point problems with nonexpansive operators., Research report, CERMICS/ENPC, 2004, no 264.
G. Pagès, J. Printems.
Functional quantization for pricing derivatives, Research report, INRIA, Rocquencourt, 2004, no 5392,


Y. Elouerkhaoui.
Correlation of Correlation, 2004, Working Paper.
Y. Elouerkhaoui.
Credit Derivatives: Basket Asymptotics, 2004, Working Paper.
Y. Elouerkhaoui.
Credit Risk: Quadratic Hedging, 2004, Working Paper.
N. E. Karoui, M. Quenez.
Optimization of utility functions in case of ambiguity on the model and on the time preference rate, working paper, 2004.
A. Kohatsu-Higa, M. Yamazato.
Enlargement of filtrations for random times, preprint, 2004.
A. Kohatsu-Higa, M. Yamazato.
Insider modelling and logarithmic utility for models with jumps, preprint, 2004.
E. R. M.Kobylanski.
Multiple stopping time problems, Working paper, 2004.
J. Printems, B. Saussereau.
Quadratic quantization and nonlinear filtering from a spectral approach, 2004, Working paper.

Bibliography in notes

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