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Inria / Raweb 2004
Team: i3D

Team : i3d

Section: Software

Integration of Interaction Tools into Amira

Participants : Ambroise Guabello, Tangui Morvan, Thomas Vincent, Sabine Coquillart.

Within the framework of the Geobench RNTL project, two interaction paradigms developed by the i3D group have been ported and integrated into Mercury Computer System's scientific visualisation software Amira: the Command and Control Cube [12] and the Metric Cursor [18][19]. In addition, force feedback has been added to the Metric Cursor to enable accurate and easy cutting plane setting and motion through a dataset.

Figure 3. Haptic rendering of sismic geo-scientific data on the Stringed Haptic Workbench (Geobench project, data ©CEA-DAM)
Figure 4. Haptic rendering of air flow on the Stringed Haptic Workbench (Geobench project, data ©Mercury)

The development of interaction tools for touching fields data, started in 2003 (see the i3D 2003 activity report), has continued. Several ways of computing forces from the visualized dataset, using density or other parameters have been investigated. Tactile feedback has also been added (see Figures3, 4).

Figure 5. Haptic rendering of geo-scientific data (Geobench project, data ©CEA-DAM)

The application has also been ported on a desktop Spidar (see Figure5).


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