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Inria / Raweb 2004
Team: i3D

Team : i3d

Section: Software

Demonstrators on Collaborative Haptic Interaction

Participants : Olivier Chenu, Tangui Morvan, Nicolas Tarrin, Sabine Coquillart.

Two demonstrators have been developed on OpenMask, as a result of the VTHD++ project.

The first one runs on two virtual reality configuration: the Reality Center and Virtuose device from SIAMES in Rennes, and the Stringed Haptic Workbench from i3D, in Grenoble. A simple (due to the limitations of the computers) application is distributed between these configurations through the VTHD network. The users, on each side, control different simple objects on a table with each haptic device, and are able to collaboratively control objects, or push and interact with each other.

Figure 2. Collaborative application between Rennes and Grenoble

The second application (see Figure 2) involves linux workstations for visualisation and the Virtuose (on one side) and the Spidar (on the other side) for haptic interactions. The better performance of linux workstations allows for more sophisticated interactions. The application consists in manipulating two objects (a bicycle and a case), and trying to insert them in the trunk of a complete Renault "Scenic" model. This application was showcased during the PERF-RV closing seminar.


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