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Inria / Raweb 2004
Team: i3D

Team : i3d

Section: Software


Participants : Olivier Chenu, Tangui Morvan, Nicolas Tarrin, Sabine Coquillart.

In the framework of the RNRT project VTHD++, i3D together with the SIAMES project from IRISA Rennes worked on adding haptic feedback to 3D distant and cooperative interaction in virtual environments. The VTHD network is used to meet the high requirements of haptic interactions in terms of latency and frequency. OpenMask enables communication and interaction between various virtual reality configurations. For this project, the SIAMES team uses a Reality Center for visualisation and the Virtuose haptic device from Haption. The i3D team uses two configurations: the Stringed Haptic Workbench [20] and a desktop configuration made of a linux workstation for visualisation and a desktop Spidar for Haptic Feedback. i3D contributed mainly on two aspects: the addition of a Workbench visualization to OpenMask, and the integration of i3d tools.

Visualisation on the Workbench

The OpenMASK visualisation module has been modified to take into account the Workbench configuration (screen positions, head tracking,...)

Integration of i3D tools in OpenMASK

In order to add haptic interaction with the Spidar, several tools have been ported to OpenMASK and integrated as OpenMASK modules:


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