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Inria / Raweb 2004
Team: i3D


Publications of the year

Doctoral dissertations and Habilitation theses

A. Paljic.
Interaction en environnements immersifs et retours d'effort passifs, PhD dissertation, University Paris 6, 2004.

Publications in Conferences and Workshops

A. Paljic, J. Burkhardt, S. Coquillart.
Evaluation of Pseudo-Haptic Feedback for Simulating Torque: a Comparison between isometric and elastic input devices, in: Haptic Symposium 2004, USA, 2004no.
A. Paljic, S. Coquillart.
A passive stringed force feedback system for immersive environments, in: EuroHaptics 2004, Germany, 2004.

Internal Reports

PERF-RV - Rapport de Synthèse Final, RNTL report, 2004.


X. Lepaul.
Retour Tactile et Exploration de Données Scientifiques, DEA report, DEA IVR, 2004.
T. Morvan.
Retour d'effort pour la visualisation scientifique, DEA report, DEA IVR, 2004.

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