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Project: galaad

Project : galaad

Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions

ecg : Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces

Participants : Laurent Busé, Ioannis Emiris, André Galligo, Grégory Gatellier, Athanasios Kakargis, Bernard Mourrain, Olivier Ruatta, Jean-Pierre Técourt, Monique Teillaud [contact person], Elias Tsigaridas.

See the ecg project web site.

INRIA (Geometrica and Galaad) is coordinating the European project:

- Acronym: ecg, number IST-2000-26473

- Title: Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces.

- Specific Programme: IST

- RTD (FET Open)

- Start date: may 1st 2001 - Duration: 3 years

- Participation of Inria as coordinating site

- Other participants:

               ETH Zürich (Switzerland),

               Freie Universität Berlin (Germany),

               Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands),

               MPI Saarbrücken (Germany),

               Tel Aviv University (Israel)

- Abstract: Efficient handling of curved objects in Computational Geometry. Geometric algorithms for curves and surfaces, algebraic issues, robustness issues, approximation.

ecg ended on April 30, 2004. Jean-Daniel Boissonnat was the project manager, and Monique Teillaud was the technical project manager.

She was in charge of the communication within the Board and the members, and with the Project Officer in Brussels. She was also maintaining the public web site of the project, together with internal web sites with restricted access, and the mailing lists for internal communication (the members mailing list contains 66 addresses).

Steve Oudot (Geometrica team) was maintaining the php scripts for submission of technical reports, originally written by Menelaos Karavelas (Prisme team). Olivier Ruatta settled a MySQL server that is used for the database of technical reports.


Participants : Laurent Busé, Stéphane Chau, Mohamed Elkadi, Ioannis Emiris, André Galligo [contact person], Bernard Mourrain, Jean-Pascal Pavone, Olivier Ruatta.

See the GAIA II project web site

In collaboration with the university of Nice UNSA, the Galaad team is involved in the European project gaia:

- Acronyme : gaia II, number IST-2001-35512

- Title : Intersection algorithms for geometry based IT-applications using approximate algebraic methods

- Specific program of the project : IST

- Type of project: FET-Open

- Beginning date : 1st of july 2002 - During : 3 years

- Participation mode of INRIA: participant via the UNSA

- Partners list :

               SINTEF Applied Mathematics, Norvegia,

               Johannes Kepler University, Austria,

               UNSA, France,

               Université de Cantabria, Spain,

               Think3 SPA, Italy and France,

               University of Oslo, Norvegia.

- Abstract of the project : Detection and treatment of intersections and self-intersections, singularity analysis, classification, approximate algebraic geometry and applications to CAG.

aim@ shape

Participants : Laurent Busé, Emmanuel Briand, Stéphane Chau, Mohamed Elkadi, Ioannis Emiris, André Galligo, Thi Ha Le, Bernard Mourrain [contact person], Olivier Ruatta, Monique Teillaud.

See the aimshape project web site

- Acronym : aim@shape, number NoE 50766

- Title : AIM@SHAPE, Advanced and Innovative Models And Tools for the development of Semantic-based systems for Handling, Acquiring, and Processing knowledge Embedded in multidimensional digital objects.

- Type of project: network of excellence

- Beginning date : 1st of january 2004 - During : 4 years

- Partners list :

               CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche,

               DISI - Universita di Genova,

               EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,

               IGD - Fraunhofer,

               INPG - Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble,


               CERTH - Center for Research and Technology Hellas,

               UNIGE - Université de Genève,

               MPII - Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik,


               Technion CGGC,

               TUD - Darmstadt University of Technology,

               UU - Utrecht University,

               WIS - Weizmann Institute of Science.

- Abstract of the project : it is aimed at coordinating research on representing, modeling and processing knowledge related to digital shapes, where by shape it is meant any individual object having a visual appearance which exists in some (two-, three- or higher- dimensional) space (e.g., pictures, sketches, images, 3D objects, videos, 4D animations, etc.).


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