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Project-Team : evasion

Section: Dissemination

Invited conferences

The EVASION team members have also given several invited talks in addition to their involvement in the many aforementioned conferences and workshops during the year. Marie-Paule Cani gave two invited talks during the year; one at the ``Graphics Lunch'' of ETHZ in Zurich in February 2004 and the other at DGP at the university of Toronto in July 2004.

Caroline Larboulette gave a talk at the Institue of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Vienna University of Technology towards the end of October 2004 on her PhD research on "Real-Time Processing of the Deformations of Skin and Sub-cutaneous Tissues for Character Animation".

Lionel Reveret has been invited to present his works on 3D animation of animals to a Symposium dedicated to Etienne-Jules Marey at the College de France in Paris.